If you or someone you know needs to liquidate an entire household, real estate or estate, we can help. Call us today.



We organize, aggressively advertise, and conduct successful estate auctions utilizing the auction method of marketing.  Our professional services include everything from the planning, marketing, cleaning, setup, clerking and education of a successful estate auction.


During the difficult time of carrying out the tasks involved with a family member's estate, you can rest assured that we will be there to help. We are a family, and understand the importance of respect within a family. We will work hard for you, to ensure that the maximum results are realized.


Before you even think about having a tag sale consider the following: 


There is no more efficient or fair means to liquidating an estate, or a family's belongings, than a househhold or estate auction!  The only true way to arrive at a fair market value is to establish that value between two or more interested parties. 


While a tag sale can disrupt  housekeeping for as much as three weeks, With most auctions, the auctioneer and support staff will come in the home and handle the setup in just a few days before the auction, there is always the exception when hundreds of items are involved for setup.


All of the work is performed by the Auctioneer and suport staff is at a much lower cost than that of a tag sale.  In most cases the so called "junk" or the "miscellaneous items" will bring in more than enough dollars to cover the expenses of advertising the auction, remember, these are the very same items left over at the end of a tag sale for you to send to the land fill.  


                              BIG OR SMALL- WE CAN SELL IT ALL !! 

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